Hi, we're Natalie & Carl.

I’ve been in possession of a camera for around 18 years, and couldn’t be without it - although my camera collection has grown significantly since then.

I’d always had a love for photography, ever since pursuing it at college, but I can’t say I ever saw it as a career path, my education in photography was more of a “I can’t figure out what to do with my life”. After graduating from University, I landed in a 9-5 office job in Marketing and knew that this wasn’t it!

It was in 2017 when Carl and I had the lightbulb moment to give it a whirl together. I really wanted to pursue my love for photography and with Carls amazing attention to detail and creativity, it luckily worked better than we ever imagined, and 6 years later this is now my full time job - how lucky am I!

We love weddings. An abnormal amount. The fun, the laughter, the happy tears, the love, emotion, and of course the drunk dancing in the night.

We’re not traditional wedding photographers.

I cry when the bride walks down the aisle, Carl helps the groomsmen do their pocket squares and we laugh till our cheeks hurt during the speeches. We like couples to think of us as friends that are part of their wedding day.

We live in Darley Abbey with our beautiful son Freddie, and our lovely little cat Luna. We love exploring the outdoors, camping in Cornwall, good food and good wine!

Natalie and Carl wedding photographers in Derby

How we work...

We class ourselves as natural documentary style wedding photographers. We like to capture the day as it unfolds so you’ve got a great visual story to look back on in years to come.


We immerse ourselves with your guests, blending in so we’re not obtrusive, you won’t find us staging any moments, as this doesn't feel authentic. We take huge pride in the way we are with our couples, and the relationships we build, think of us as two extra guests at your wedding!

You’ll find that most couples we speak to always say “but i hate having my photo taken, I’m so awkward in front of the camera!” We hear you loud and clear!

Believe me when I say, it’s not as bad as you think it's going to be! We don’t stage or pose you, but rather just let you walk hand in hand and talk about your day, and just take 15/20 minutes with each other.

The most we’ll do is very gently guide you, some couples feel they need this if they feel hella awkward, but Carl is pretty good at a Dad joke, which soon eases couples into feeling more relaxed! The aim of this time is for couples to just feel like themselves and enjoy the moment. 

If the weather is right, we’ll also spend 15 minutes at sunset during golden hour to capture that gorgeous light - these are my faves!

You won't find us doing a conveyor belt of group photos of your family that are horribly posed. We much prefer to limit group photos to a maximum of 8, that way you’ve not got guests lining up waiting, when they'd much rather get a beer! Instead we’ll gently guide you for some quick shots of your nearest and dearest that shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes so you can get on with celebrating.