I’ve been in possession of a camera for around 12 years, and couldn’t be without it - although my camera collection has grown significantly since then.

I love weddings. An abnormal amount. The fun, the laughter, the happy tears, the love, emotion, and of course the drunk dancing in the night.


I live with my husband, Carl, and our lovely little cat, Luna, in Derby.

We are obsessed with Cornwall, we got married there! We also love good food, and good adventures.

Carl is my second photographer, I roped him into doing weddings with me, when I realised my voice doesn’t travel far enough to tell people to get in line for a group photo - But it also means more coverage for your wedding day.

I’m not a traditional wedding photographer.

I don’t like old traditions, I like couples who do it their way.

So that’s me in a nutshell - please do get in touch if you’re looking for a creative and informal wedding photographer for your big day!