Your Day in Detail

If you could please fill out the below fields in as much detail as possible, this helps me understand the running order of your day, and where I need to be, so I can capture all the important stuff!

Please tell me: 1. When guests will start to be seated 2. What time you will be announced in 3. What time food is served 4. Roughly how long food will last
Please tell me: 1. Who will give a speech 2. If the speeches are before, after or during dinner


And lastly a few words of advice to help your day run smoothly!

Try and make sure the room you are getting ready in is spacious enough for me to fit into with my camera, as well as the bridal party. Also, natural light is a huge bonus if possible.

If you want any of the little details capturing, such as shoes, perfume, jewellery etc, please have these out ready for me.

I know it can be quite tricky, but try and make sure any makeup bags or mess is tidied away as much as possible; this is so they aren’t making appearances in your photos.

Try not to walk too fast down the aisle, I like to get as many shots as possible, as it’s one of the most important parts of your day.

Keep your flowers down at your waist – it’s the most flattering angle in photos.

Confetti shots are some of the prettiest, let me know if you are having confetti and I can set up the shot properly to get maximum impact.

If you have large centerpieces on your tables, make sure people move away slightly from the table when doing their speeches, it makes it much easier to get the right angles, and avoids the awkward candlestick in someone’s face kind of photo!

If there is anywhere in particular that you would like your couples photos taking on the day, please also let me know, most of the time couples will know the location better than I do.

Most importantly, don’t forget to smile! ☺

Thank you for booking me as your wedding photographer, I’m so excited to capture your day!