Engagement Photo Shoot – What to Expect?

It’s not an everyday occurrence to have a camera shoved in your face, and it can be a daunting and nerve racking experience. However I find that having an engagement photo shoot or pre-shoot before your wedding day really helps to put couples at ease and make them feel more comfortable both with their photographer, and with being in front of the camera.

I don’t like overly posed and awkward photos, so I’ll get to know you both a little better, ask you some questions, and get you to chat to me about how you met, the proposal and all the lovely things you have planned for your day, this makes for some wonderful photos that are really captured in the moment, happy smiles, laughs, and a much more relaxed couple!

Here are some frequently asked questions about engagement photo shoots

  • What should we wear?
    Very good question! It’s completely down to you. You may want to dress up, or be much more casual and relaxed. The only advice I would give is to dress weather appropriate, and try not to clash colours too much with your partner.
  • What if it rains?
    I like to stick to plans regardless of weather, and I always work around the problem. If it’s raining, I recommend you bring an umbrella, and if it isn’t working in our favour we can always find an indoor place to shoot, whether that’s a coffee shop, or a lovely cosy pub, there’s always a solution!
  • When’s the best time to shoot?
    Again, completely up to you, and what suits you best, but I would personally recommend late morning or late afternoon.
  • When will we get our images?
    Expect to receive your images within 2 weeks, I will share them with you online where you will be able to download them in high res, and then share them with your family, and get them printed.
  • Investment
    If you book me as your wedding photographer, I offer this service as part of your wedding photography package.